Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

ParkSmart does not generally issue refunds, and ParkSmart reserves the right to refuse a refund request at any time. To request a refund due to overpayment or a duplicate payment, contact ParkSmart by mail within 30 days of the disputed payment, identifying the date, amount, and purpose for the payment, a detailed explanation for your refund request, and your mailing address.

The determination of whether a requested refund is warranted is solely in the discretion of ParkSmart. ParkSmart will issue a check by mail no later than thirty days after determining a refund is warranted. ParkSmart will not issue a refund in any manner other than by check, regardless of how the payment to be refunded was made. If your refund request is found to be unwarranted, ParkSmart will not necessarily contact you in any way to communicate its denial of your request.

No refund request will be considered unless full payment was received for parking charges and any outstanding parking fines have been paid in full.